About Diamond Fitness



Burn Fat. Shape Up. Get Fit. Be Stronger. Look Better. Feel Energised. Be Happier.

Diamond Fitness is a community that encourages people to look after their mind and body. We have two private training facilities, one in Leith, Edinburgh and one in Fenton Barns, East Lothian. The classes available are designed to make training varied, effective and fun. Workouts are never repeated and we aim to get the most out of you, while you work at an intensity that suits you. We mix circuits, cardio, interval training, boxing and strength training all into one. We keep your body and mind engaged at all times.

We give you a realistic and sustainable eating guide to help you with your goals and we are always on the end of an email or social media mail to answer questions, offer support, and provide guidance.

With Diamond Fitness, you will learn to enjoy burning calories, and you will learn how to look after yourself in and out of the gym. You will learn how to feel better, both mentally and physically.

We look forward to working with you.

Jamie Kirk
Owner and Lead coach at Diamond Fitness